Online Quiz 2022; Medium Level Answers and Further Information

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Question 1:  In which church would you find this beautiful stained-glass window?

Answer:  Holy Trinity and St Mary, Berwick Parish Church

Holy Trinity is a rare (and only extant) example of a parish church built during Oliver Cromwell’s Commonwealth.

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Question 2:  In which Berwick attraction would you find this man?

Answer:  Berwick Museum

This man can be found in Berwick Museum and is a representation of Rev William Gilly (1789-1855), Norham’s most significant vicar. Originally from Suffolk, he came to international notice in 1826 when he highlighted the impoverished plight of the Vaudois people of northern Italy. In 1831 he came to Norham and interested himself in improving the lot of the agricultural labourers. His pamphlet The Peasantry of the Borders: An Appeal on their Behalf (1842), published in Berwick alerted the public to the often ruinous condition of farm workers’ cottages. His tomb-effigy is in Norham Church.

Question 3:  On which of Berwick’s iconic historic buildings can this inscription ‘10 W D’ be found?

Answer:  The Barracks

W D stands for War Department. All government property had this arrow stamp, hence old cartoons of prisoners wearing uniforms with arrows. There are many of these markings around the Barrack’s walls and they all have different numbers. It is presumed that they are used to mark War Department property.

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Question 4: Berwick’s walls have a lot of nooks and crannies that can be explored if you know where to look, but which particular hidey-hole do these stairs lead to?

Answer:  Coxon’s Tower

Coxon’s Tower is located on the walls overlooking the river and out to sea. Inside, the vaulted ceiling and casemates remain. But look closer and you see evidence of early 16th century modifications, and in the 18th century, the structure was further, and drastically, modified on the outside to maintain its role as guardian of the river estuary. This tower is not normally open to the public but it is on Heritage Open Days weekend.

Question 5:  Berwick has several fountains or wells hidden around the town, but where would you find this one?

Answer:  Pier Road

This well on Pier Road was erected to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee in 1887. It was thought that it would benefit locals and visitors going to Pier Field and the Pier.

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Question 6:  Bari Bear loves to go out exploring, but where has he stopped for a seat in this picture?

Answer:  Lord’s Mount

Lord's Mount is a 16th century stone two storey artillery tower, founded by King Henry VIII, that can be found behind  Low Greens and to the east of Berwick Middle School. This enormous circular fortification flanks the north-east angle of the medieval town wall. The surviving lower floor, has casemates for six long guns and an accommodation range which includes, a garderobe, a kitchen and a well.

Question 7:  Berwick, Tweedmouth and Spittal are full of little lanes and alleys but where can this alley be found?

Answer:  Tweed Street, Berwick

This little alley leads off Tweed Street into Castle Vale Park and has beautiful views of the Royal Border Bridge.

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Question 8:  Berwick and the surrounding area has a rich history of fishing and small ‘shiels’ like this are an important reminder of that heritage. Where can you find this shiel?

Answer:  near the Old Bridge, Tweedmouth

Fishing shiels like this can be found all along the River Tweed, and this particular example is behind Tweedmouth Main Street, next to the end of the Old Bridge. It is a fishing shiel for Guard/Gardo fishery, one of only two net fishing stations left on the River Tweed. The oldest unmodernised shiel on the Tweed is Sandstell fishing shiel in Spittal. This building is not normally open to the public but we are grateful to Spittal Improvement Trust that it can be open during Heritage Open Days 2022.

Question 9:  Berwick is full of historical houses, but where can this beautiful old house be found?

Answer:  West End, Tweedmouth

This house can be found next to The Watchtower gallery in Tweedmouth. It was originally built as a manse for the Scottish Presbyterian Church that was demolished to modify the alignment of West End Road. This interesting house is a stop on the Tweedmouth West End walking tour which is available to book via Eventbrite.

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Question 10:  Berwick’s bear and tree emblem is well known throughout the town, but where can this representation of it be found?

Answer:  The New Bridge

The bear and wych elm tree form the town crest are a literal translation from Medieval times. In Old English “bere” means barley and “wick” means farm or settlement.

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