The South Prospect of Berwick-upon-Tweed

This film explores one of the best known antiquarian views of Berwick which was published in 1745 by the Yorkshire brothers Nathaniel and Samuel Buck. Narrated by Jackie Kaines-Lang, the film examines how it was created and asks how accurate it is before looking at some of the obvious, and not so obvious details that tell us a little about Georgian Berwick.

This video will be available to view from 00:00 on 10th until 19th September 2021

About the author 

Jim Herbert

Jim Herbert worked at Berwick Museum and Art Gallery for over twenty years. He now writes blog posts for Berwick Time Lines, conducts guided tours around Berwick and gives talks. He finds all periods of the Berwick’s history fascinating but his great love is Berwick Castle and the medieval walls which he has studied meticulously for many years.